Nikki Boliaux | Visual Journalist

Assignment 7 - Web Doc

Over the last three weeks my classmates and I have been working on a collaborative web doc project on the refugee crisis and how it impacts Denmark. Some of my classmates focused on refugees new to Denmark, those avoiding Denmark on their way to Sweden, or volunteers and how they help refugees in their country. In an attempt to show a well rounded view of the Danish perspective on the topic, my group focused on giving a voice to the conservative side who were concerned with refugees coming to Denmark. 

We found Henrik, 23, who is studying to become a priest and has many conservative views. This was my first time tackling a POV story, especially one that was so different than mine. Remaining objective and trying to create a story that was more than just a guy sharing his views was a challenge. I learned so much about trusting my creative instincts and how to collaborate this week. 

Here is the video produced by myself and my two classmates Sonja and Sofija. Soon we will have a website featuring an article and all four videos. 



Echosight Takeover

Last week my friend Sally and I took over the Echosight Instagram account with our collaborative multiple exposures from our travels. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do. Double and multiple exposures is something I love to create. Insomnia is something I’ve dealt with for awhile now and making multiple exposures is a way to keep me sane during these sleepless times. I also love collaboration and my friend Sally Jean and it was so amazing to make these seven images with her and share them with a larger audience. 



Week 8 and 9


Tiny-ass leaf

Rainy day bus stops

Halloween in Denmark means Christmas decorations


Sonja ii

Coffee and Cigarettes


Fall i

The cinema

Sonja iii

Bird is the word


Fall ii

When I first arrived here in Denmark I had so much free time on my hands. My situation has been reversed now. 

I haven’t had a second in the last month and a half. We’ve jumped from one project to the next, but I’ve welcomed it. I strive under stress. I grow under pressure. We just finished a magazine project and web documentaries and now we leave for our final projects. I leave in three days for Barcelona. 

I’ve settled in here more. I was laying in my bed last night thinking about how it really is my bed. How this place has become comfortable to me. How I don’t have to use Google Maps anymore. I have a favorite bar and coffee shop. My roommates are my family and they know everything about me. 

This place that I felt so disconnected to three weeks ago now feels a bit like home. This place that I felt so uncomfortable in I now don’t really want to leave. Funny how that works.



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