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Assignment Two - Humans and Nature in Aarhus

Humans and Nature in Aarhus is a pretty open topic, like most of our themed projects here at DMJX. I really wanted to spend my time by the sea and slow things down for this project. I wanted to focus on details. I used a Mamiya 7 for the first time, learning to use a range finder and how to really shoot 120 film. 

My original idea fell through when the weather turned cold and rainy on the days we had to shoot and I turned my attention more on the atmosphere of the sea and how humans effected it. I’d love to continue this and flush it out a lot more. Get closer to the people like I did to the sea. 

We have a lot more time here than I had in Kentucky to work on projects. I don’t have other classes or jobs to juggle. It’s only photo. But I guess I’m not used to free time and wanted to fill up as much of mine as possible, so I shot film, which then needed to be developed and scanned then edited and also decided to create a video as well. We were only supposed to turn in five images. Oh well. 

Anyway, you can see the website I made for the project here. It incorporates a video from different scenes from the scene and then transitions into more sunnier scenes from earlier in the summer. 

Inspired by this video.

And here are the five images I turned in for class and the gallery exhibit. 

I showed a friend this project and she said “I think you’re on the verge of figuring yourself out as a photographer.” I like being able to experiment with different formats here. I like the idea of more conceptual pieces, I’ve never been able to even try that back in the US. I’m trying to be a sponge here. I’m growing and changing and learning every second. 

Thanks for stopping by. 



Aarhus Week 4

As of today, I have lived in Denmark for one month and three days. Tomorrow we discuss the theme for our magazine workshop, the second of four workshops while we are here. Meaning that we are already 1/4 of the way done with our time here. That is crazy. 

This week I spent a lot of time inside of my head, for our Humans and Nature in Aarhus assignment I shot on a Mamiya and that forced me to consider so much more before shooting. It slowed me down so much. I didn’t shoot as much on my phone as usual and I shot only video on my mark iii. I put together a website for my assignment, which I’ll put up here in a bit. 

I have this feeling and I can’t define it. I’ve been trying to work it out, if it’s nerves or if its home sickness or if it’s just growing pains. But I’ve got this big feeling in my chest. Like there’s an elephant sitting on it. I’ve been trying to deal with that all week. I think you can see that in my shooting, perhaps. Patrick Brown came to speak to us a few weeks back and he said that every photo you make is a self portrait, every photo you make captures how you are feeling in that moment. I think that’s so important to keep in mind when working on a project. Your mindset effects how you shoot so much and, well, I’m lost in my own head a bit. I need a map. 

Along with shooting this week, we had friends over for Curry and baked apples. We went dancing and I had a girls night watching I Love You Man and Bring It On with the roommates. The good comes with the bad. Life balances itself out. 

Up next: photos and video from the seaside inspired by my favorite song of the moment: Waves by Bahamas. 



Aarhus Week Three

Learning how to develop and scan film ourselves

A sunny day at DMJX

I’ve been reading The Old Man and the Sea and it has really been inspiring how I’ve been shooting.

I hiked through these woods at sunset to get to the beach, both a beautiful and terrifying experience

DMJX finally felt like home when I showed up at 7pm on a Saturday and there were a bunch of people in the lab with food and coffee working on photos and layouts. Also makes my heart ache for Kentucky

Sunny days are especially important

A double Exposure for Sergiy’s Birthday

Colors and Disregarded Electronics

In my third week here in Aarhus I’ve learned many things. 

I’ve learned I’m not a good cook. I’ve learned some Danish, kind of. I’ve learned that my mood is very much influenced by the weather. I’ve learned that my friends back in Kentucky are more amazing than I deserve. I’ve learned that sometimes its good to let go. I’ve learned that the darkroom has great acoustics. I’ve learned to trust my horoscope. I’ve learned to belly dance like an Egyptian. I’ve learned how to avoid paying for the bus. And more than anything, I’ve learned that there’s so much I don’t know and I’ve got so much more to learn. 

This week we had a workflow workshop, feedback on our Festival assignment and two days to shoot for our assignment on Humans and Nature in Aarhus, a very open topic. I spent the majority of my time at the beach waiting for people to show up and bathe naked in the sea, not many did. So I focused more on the feeling of the sea, the next post will be the photos and video from that assignment. 

This week we celebrated Sergiy’s Birthday and Allison’s last night with us. Definitely a wide range of emotions. The Desperate Housewives of Emmasvej are now down to three. Allison, we miss you dearly already. You truly were the only proper person among us. 



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