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Protests and Politics

Joanie dons a bedazzled American flag hat to her first ever political rally in support of Donald J. Trump at the International Convention Center in Louisville, Ky. on Super Tuesday, March 1, 2016 before Kentucky’s primary on Saturday.

Members of the Media record stand ups after Donald J. Trump’s speech during a political rally in support of the candidate.. During his speech Trump said, “[The media] are the most dishonest human beings in the world.”

Supporters of Donald Trump await the arrival of the candidate for a rally at the International Convention Center in Louisville, Ky.

A young supporter leans against the barricade between the press and supporters toward the end of Donald J. Tump’s rally. Trump claimed, “We’re going to knock the hell out of ISIS,” to a round of applause and cheers.

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey introduces Donald J. Tump

Brenda Board, of Shepherdsville, Ky, passes back signs in support support of Donald J. Trump. Board also went with her husband to see Trump in South Carolina, though Trump chose not to attend.

A Trump supporter gathers her belongings after the rally.

Black Lives Matter protests chant on the corner of South Fourth and West Jefferson after a political rally in support of Donald J. Trump Lamon Dawson speaks with protestors near the International Convention Center in Louisville, Ky. on Super Tuesday, March 1, 2016 before Kentucky’s primary on Saturday.

Trump supporters yell “You’re all unemployed” at Black Lives Matter protestors.

Louisville City Police officers stand in a line of police in a face off with Black Lives Matter protestors after the rally in support of Donald Trump in Louisville, Ky.

This Super Tuesday, myself and a writer from my college newspaper, Western Kentucky University’s College Heights Herald, drove down to Louisville’s International Convention Center to cover the Trump Rally. I have covered politics before, but never a campaign rally and it was interesting to see how the treatment of the press differed. One of the most prominent things about the rally was just how many people where attending their own very first political rally. Supporters from age 5 to 82, people from all across Kentucky, and even Southern Ohio, gathered to hear from the man in the news, Donald J. Trump. 

After the event inside the gathering of protestors grew to a point where the Louisville police became involved. 

Here is a selection of images from that rally and the protest that followed. If you would like to read Andrew Henderson’s piece you can find it here.

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Back in the USSR

It has been awhile. The last time we heard from each other was Thanksgiving. Instead of sitting around drinking coffee and catching up about Spain and Christmas and all of that let us jump right into where life is at right now. 

Back in Kentucky I have turned right back into the person I was one year ago. I am in four classes, working on two video staffs and working on about three personal projects. So there will be a lot to post and reflect on. This blog is about to be revived. 

Here are some images from life over the last couple of weeks. 



Moody parking lots after 1am work outs

Ghost hunts and spirit boxes

Exploration day with the girl gang

From the 314 to the 614

Tuesday morning hangs

Making roommates pose for portraits

Princess Paparazzi


The beauty of 20 degrees

Cute old ladies and aqua aerobics

Two of my favorite things: prisms and flowers

Barcelona Circus Life

I want to believe

My favorite place

Making friends stand in for portraits


Week 13- Thanksgiving

The eight other international students in my Photo 1 class here in Denmark have easily become my family. Being away from the States and my actual blood relatives this Thanksgiving was a bit difficult, but I had so much to be thankful for. 

After the exhausting two weeks of shooting and editing video, we took some time to give thanks and share an American meal, complete with a turkey (at least we think it was turkey) and my cousin’s famous stuffing recipe. We gorged ourselves on food and wine and then took a break to discuss life and happiness and our love for those around us. Then we ate pie, of course, 

I’m ever so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had this past year to travel across the US and now Europe. I’m grateful for the friends I’ve made and the inspiring people I’ve met who have allowed me to tell their stories. I’m grateful for all of the experiences this year has held, both good and bad, for this year has easily been the biggest year of growth for me both professional and personally.  

And I’m grateful to all of you, those who stop by the archives to see what I’m up to. Even if it is only my mom. 



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