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The Life Aquatic

I had the immense pleasure of joining an Aqua Fit class a few weeks ago and here is a tiny, little peek at the community of ladies who brave the cold water every monday. 

Rough Draft

Walking through the woods to their mailbox about 400 feet from the entrance to their homemade cabin, Hannah Crabtree, 29, carries her 14 month old son Further on her back. The Frost family lives off the grid in Gamaliel, Ky growing organic produce and living sustainably.

Further has grown up on a 7 acre plot of land off the grid with his parents and regularly roams about without shoes. “He has some pretty tough feet from walking on rocks and wood,” Hannah said.

Hannah and Further play outside while Jesse, 32, builds an additional structure to wash vegetables on hot days.

Hannah packs her homemade soil into a divide used to make soil plots. They use their own instead of the little plastic crates because it allows for the roots to become more oxygenated.

As further sleeps on their bed inside their homemade cabin, Jesse walks down the stairs where they are keeping the seeds for many plants.

Neighbors from the Bugtussle Farm down the road stop by on their way to get the mail to play with Further. Hannah and Jesse met on an internship at Bugtussle farms where they learned how to work on an organic farm.

Pieces of a broken pot sit on the back porch of the cabin.

Jesse builds an additional structure to store and wash vegetables on hot days. Jesse and Hannah have built everything on their property themselves.

Seedlings sit inside a handmade greenhouse.

Jesse straps further on Hannah’s back before they walk to their mailbox at the very edge of their property. In order to get there they must walk over two creeks and through the woods.

Jesse takes a break from a long day of planting while Hannah plays with Further. Jesse wakes at 4 am and starts working around the farm.

The Frost’s dog lies in the shade of their outhouse as Jesse heads inside to serve lunch.

I’ve been spending some time with the Frost family who live off the grid in a cabin they built themselves, growing and selling produce for their CSA, Rough Draft Farmstead. They are lovely humans who love people and the earth so much. It has been such a please spending time with them so far. Here are some images from my first day shooting. 

Can’t wait to share more soon!



Sports Ball

A young fan of Warren Central High School boys basketball waits in the bleachers before the championship game against Bowling Green High School. Bowling Green High School went on to defeat Warren Central High School 67 to 63 in the championship game at Bowling Green High School in Bowling Green, Ky on Feb 27, 2016.

Warren Central sophomore guard Skylar Potter exits the court after his team lost the boys’ high school basketball championship game. Bowling Green High School defeated Warren Central High School 67 to 63 in the championship game at Bowling Green High School in Bowling Green, Ky on Feb 27, 2016.

Bowling Green High v Warren Central High.

WKU v Missouri State

WKU v Yougstown State


WKU v Yougstown State


I’ve been shooting a lot of sportsball lately, a term I use for practicum assignments requiring you to shoot basically every baseball/softball/basketball/bowling ball game or match or anything you can. So here it is in all it’s glory. This video girl tried her hand at sports for the first time in a year. 



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