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Assignment 1 - Aarhus Festival

Our first real assignment here at DMJX was to photograph the Aarhus festival downtown and turn in five photos. It was a pretty open assignment, we were all allowed to use our own interpretation of how to cover the festival. I decided to focus on the light there and to try and make it a bit more abstract. There were a lot of art instalations featuring lots of great lot and there were also a lot of concerts with wonderful lights as well. I wanted to focus on how people interacted with these lights. 

I also wanted to try and force myself to think in a different way. I love squares but I have a hard time shooting them. I spent a lot of time editing these squares. A lot of time behind a computer trying different crops. A lot of time while out shooting editing in my head, previsualizing much more than before. How I was framing became so much more important. After the first day of shooting I had a better idea of how to frame for squares. I feel like they turned out okay. I also made some rectangles I like too (below).

All in all it was a great experience forcing myself to see light and photos in a different way. It was fun to shoot an event in a more artsy way. I love the creative freedom here. 

Thank you for looking and as always I appreciate feedback.



Aarhus Week One and Two

The view of the city from the Panoramic rainbow in the Aros Museum

The man who watches over our kitchen

Emily’s birthday – vegan brownies, dancing and lots of internationals

The squad at the sea

First nude beach experience

Children at Dokk1, which has a very strange playground

Riina and Emily at the Aros museum

Alaa and DJMX hallway light

Find Sonja

The sea has my heart

Colorful Riina in an exhibit in the Aros Museum that is filled with smoke and different colored lights

When you don’t have a softbox, bouncing your strobe off the refrigerator works too. Flash portraits in our kitchen with the lovely Allison

Dokk1, Sonja, and some monkey business

Exploring the city with my favorite adventure buddy

Okay this place is called Bones and it is an American restaurant created by 4 Danish guys and it is more than accurate. The garlic cheese bread and all you can eat soft serve is amazing

Sonja and the Rain i

I have so many photos of Sonja

This is Emmasvej 8, the apartments across from us

Child’s play

Seen on the way to the sea

Alaa and Sofija practice lighting in our first Workshop

Lazy days

DMJX is out of a storybook

Pedals and Patience at an m ward concert

Sonja and giant, inflatable glowing bunnies

Emmasvej 8 and beautiful danish light

Seen from our balcony

Sonja and the Rain ii

There is an overwhelming number of bikes in Denmark

I got off a plane and entered a fictional world. Aarhus, Denmark is a very interesting place. Since I’ve been here I’ve celebrated a dear friend’s birthday, admired giant inflatable, glowing bunnies and was told that Missouri is not a real place in America. I’ve pondered at giant plastic oranges that also double as bars, attended an ‘alternative country’ concert that also featured musicians from Denmark, Africa, and Lebanon, as well as accidentally stumbling on a nude beach. I’ve gone to the most colorful museum, taught my Finnish roommate to love pb&j sandwiches and have smoked more cigarettes and drank more coffee than I probably ever should.   

My photo 1 class is made up of 10 students from all over. Scotland, the Ukraine, Finland, two from Egypt, the Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania and two from America. We are a very eclectic group, three war photographers, one just starting out, some from strict journalism schools and some who taught themselves. I love our little group so much. We balance each other out very well with loud personalities and more quiet, introspective types. 

I live in a place called Emmasvej, in Brabrand, which the Danes call the ‘ghetto.’ I’ve never seen a nicer, cleaner, safer ghetto in my life. In Emmasvej 9 there are four of us DMJX students in one apartment. Sonja from Germany, Riina from Finland, Allison from Texas and me. We have earned the nickname the Desperate Housewives of Emmasvej. They have quickly become great friends and are turning into my family. This week we had three photo 2 students staying with us and seven people in our little apartment felt a bit like an episode of Full House. I’ve always wanted a big family and I’ve never felt more at home than with so many people in one place, drinking wine and trying to all use the tiny kitchen at once. 

Our first photo assignment was to use strobe, then we photographed a major festival in the city and next week we are focusing on Humans and Nature in Aarhus for a gallery exhibition.

Above are images from my time here, some with the iPhone and some with the big girl camera. Next week I’ll have some with the Mamiya 7 too. 



The Start of Something New

I have created a shiny, new blog on this website and will be posting here from now on. To view previous blog posts you can go to

This new blog will combine my thought on studying abroad in Denmark each week as well as very honest and open comments about the journey of a young photographer, finding her visual language. 



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