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Aarhus Week 6

Fall leaves as the doors of the 6A close on the way to DMJX.

My roommates love flowers as much as I do.

Triple Exposure of Riina

Disco balls, keyboardists and Reggae music


Foggy morning commute to school


The leaves change as my bus travels past
stops I can’t pronounce in Danish. The sunsets increase in vibrance everyday.
The coffee at school tastes like fall. 

It’s October in Denmark. 

During week seven here in Aarhus I’ve learned a lot of lessons
about frustration and perseverance. No one tells you how difficult it is to
move your life 7 hours ahead, in a country that speaks one of the most
difficult languages to learn. I love to travel. I love to go on adventures and
seek out new things everyday, but sometimes when you’re surrounded with an
overwhelming amount of new and unfamiliar your brain can spin a bit. 

I feel like I’ve gotten over that hump. I feel like I’m finally
finding myself here. I feel like I’m developing my visual language. Stories are
finally coming through. 

This week I attended two concerts, found myself at a unicorn
party, taught a German to appreciate french fries dipped in milkshakes and
spent a ridiculous amount of time in bed questioning the universe.

We had class on Thursday and Friday, the rest of the week was
spent shooting. That’s a lot of free time. I’m used to running around from
place to place so much that I forget to eat. I think this change might be the
hardest I’ve had to go through, handling what to do with my free time.  

Here are some iPhone photos from the week. Soon you’ll see some
black and white and soon after photos from Cold Hawaii. 

Thank you for visiting.



Aarhus Week 5

Ferns are my favorite

Coffee and rooftops and much needed sunshine with the roommates.

The prettiest neighborhood I ever did see.


The most calming place in the world is in a little glass bubble with plants and butterflies.

Slow down.

I will own a flower shop like this one day. The dog too.

Lilly pads and butterflies and small humans.

The downstairs neighbors.

Head clearing walks lead you to pretty places.

Shot through a greenhouse on top of a coffee shop downtown.

Aarhus Fall

Best coffee shop around

Emmasvej nights

A constant reminder of the beauty of everyone else’s lives continuing on around you.

This week was filled with a lot of flowers and sunshine and beautiful sunsets. For once we had a week straight of wonderful weather. 

Monday we met and discussed the theme for our Magazine Workshop, the second of four workshops over this semester. We then photographed for the passion assignment until friday when we met for critiques for our passion assignment then were set loose to photograph for a black and white assignment. 

Over this week I struggled to find my passion for finding another’s passion. I decided to spend a day exploring the city with my roommate Riina, buying craft supplies and eating frozen yogurt for lunch. It was a great reminder that you need to balance work and play. I love plants and flowers more than anything, so I decided to surround myself with nature and those who also love it. 

I’ve watched more bad movies and NPR Tiny Desk Concerts than I ever should this week. I made many meals with my roommates and I did so much research. 

Next week you’ll see something I’m not used to, black and white. 

See you soon. 



Assignment 4 - Passion

Surrounded by his work, Bjøren Lang poses for a portrait in the Aarhus Botanical Gardens on September 23, 2015. Lang is a garden apprentice at the Gardens and has worked in the Mediterranean House for a year and a half.

Most of Lang’s job involves trimming the plants around the Mediterranean House, which normally requires a ladder.

Trying to remain in the background, Lang trims ivy while patrons roam around the Mediterranean House.

Seen in the Tropical House, a hose peeks out from behind a tree.

Pausing in thought, Lang takes a moment from trimming. “I love coming here everyday because its a great place to be alone and one with nature,” Lang said.

After trimming flowers Lang picks up the excess leaves. “You have to be careful of the thorns,”  Lang said. “I come home almost everyday with cactus needles or thorns in my fingers.”

Leaves from a tree catch the light of the setting sun from inside the greenhouse.

Passion. That was the name of the game this last week. With an assignment to photograph a story witht he theme of passion I had a suprisingly hard time finding some. 

The projects here are all very open, with broad themes and vaugue guidelines. I decided to find someone who had a similar passion to me. Someone who loves plants and flowers as much as I do. So I set out to find some people involved with urban gardening. The poor weather meant that no one was gardening, so I went to the Aarhus Botanical Gardens and found Bjørn Lang, his name means bear by the way. Bjørn is a very quite man studying gardening at the Botanical Gardens. I spent the day with him and here is the edit that we made together as a class.

The biggesgt lesson that I have learned this week is perseverence. It is a lot more difficult to gain access and find stories than I expected it to be, but that doesn’t mean if you don’t keep searching you won’t find a bit of beauty just down the road. 

Thanks for looking.



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