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Assignment 6 - Connection

After not sleeping for about 34 hours, spending countless hours in the lab together, being surprisingly promoted from Copy Editor to Editor and Chief and pumping out an 80 page magazine in three days, I cannot say how proud I am of my photo one international group of photojournalists. 

I’ve learned so much about story and design this week. I’ve learned so much about how to work on tight deadlines and how to work with others on very little sleep. I’ve taken weird walks in the middle of the street in the middle of the night and eaten strange vegan pizza. I’ve walked down the hallway in my socks doing lunges and looking at page after page of layouts checking for small errors.

Here is the end product: a magazine featuring nine stories all about connection. I was able to design the front cover, index and opening pages as well as write the opening text. 

I really hope you enjoy. 



Week 7 - Cold Hawaii

A surfer runs towards the reef, a popular surf spot in Cold Hawaii that attracts many veteran surfers as well as tourists and surf camps.

As a part of the development of Klitmøller, a club house was built near the reef as a place for surfers and community members to hang out when not in the sea.

A seagull sits on top of an old fishermen’s building used to store ship supplies.

Jan Johansan and Jole Anderson head back to the beach after fishing for herring.

The Dagmar family loads up their van after a long day on the water during their Autumn holiday in Klitmøller.

The fishermen store their boats on the beach outside these old buildings.

Victoria and Fanny run from the waves while on Autumn holiday in Klitmøller, nicknamed Cold Hawaii due to its great surfing conditions.

Klitmøller seen from the dunes

Henri Pettersson catches a wave near the ‘bunker,’ just south of Klitmøller.

Participants in the Danish Championship in Windsurfing prepare their boards outside the clubhouse.

Gunhild Grandjean solos during a concert in Agger. The choir was formed 19 years ago in Klitmøller.

This past week I headed up north-west to the small fishing village of Klitmøller, a town of just 822, to work on a story about its transformation into a surf mecca. 54 people have moved to this small village since 2011, most young families from Copenhagen who wanted to be closer to the the great waves. The windy ways of Klitmøller and the unique environment created a location for the perfect surf, earning the village the nickname of Cold Hawaii. 

I love essays, but this is my first time really working on one. I headed to Klitmøller with a few contacts and a lot of research. I was welcomed with open arms. The people there were so friendly. I immensely enjoyed my time there and was pleased with what I came back with. 

Here are a few outtakes from my week in Klitmøller. Up next: the magazine from my classmates and I. 

Assignment 5 - Black and White

Color to me is a necessary part of life. Color influences my mood. Color conjures up memories. Depriving something of color proved very difficult for me this week. 

Mads assigned a black and white story to our class for our last reportage assignment. Throughout the weeks we have been here, the majority of the class has fought for color over black and white and tried to explain to others why it was so necessary in an image. This week, however, we had to give that up and try to focus on shapes, light and shadows.

When I first arrived in Aarhus I made a mantra. “I am a sponge. I am here to learn. I will open my mind to new styles and concepts. I am a sponge.” So I became a sponge.

I’ve learned to appreciate out of focus photos. I’ve learned to appreciate grainy black and white images. I’ve learned to shoot and develop film. I am trying to be a sponge.

Besides the black and white challenge, I faced difficulty gaining access to places where I wanted to tell stories. I was denied at two refugee centers and a school. I was allowed in to an after school program in Gellerup, Brabrand, but then was informed I couldn’t show any of the kids faces. But with deadline coming up I did my best.

Through the trials and tribulations of this week I was reminded of the importance of personal connections. I was told it was easier to get access in Denmark than the States. My experience did not show that to be true. Thankfully even after I turned in things that I didn’t want to, I established contacts that then led to a bigger story, which I will work on for my final project. 

Black and white led me to a story, I’ll give it that. 



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